The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand

Above: The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand • More photos at the bottom of this page

Alarmed by the Complacent Cockring Market, Sex Toy Company Perfect Fit Brand Retools the Cockring

Whether Your Love Candle is Roman or Votive, the New PLAY ZONE Kit by PEFECT FIT BRAND, Will Fit You Nine ways to Sunday.

(New York, NY) July 11, 2016–In response to what Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow calls “the complacent cockring market,” due to the sex toy industry’s scandalously slackadaisical attitude toward proper cockring sizing, his innovative American company has launched the Play Zone kit–and with it–the Xact-Fit™ cockring sizing system. 

Yes indeedy, as anyone who’s into cockrings knows, size matters. A lot. Until now, dudes had to make do with a scant handful of cock ring sizes, the effectiveness of which fell sadly somewhere between a pinky ring and a Kabbalah bracelet. 

Callow compares the frustrating quest for a properly fitting cockring to shopping for a finger ring–if only three sizes were available at the jeweler: Nearly impossible. 

Enter the Play Zone kit, a collection of nine incrementally sized black soft-touch silicone cockrings, jauntily stacked on a 4” bright orange traffic cone. Yup, nine circles of heaven!      

The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit BrandWhy nine? Due dickligence, manifested by rigorously scrutinized trials at Perfect Fit labs, determined that it was necessary to jettison the stale standard–often varying as much as half an inch between sizes–and to instead invent the revolutionary new Xact-Fit™ cockring sizing system. 

In order to fit most penises, engineers discovered it was crucial that rings vary no more than 0.1” (2.5mm) apart in sizing. Whereas other manufacturers only offer three to five sizes, there are 14 Xact-Fit rings provided within the same range. 

Nine of the most popular sizes for shaft rings, ball rings, and cock & ball rings are included in the Play Zone kit.  

Designed to fit without too much pull, but with enough restriction to be pleasingly effective, the Xact-Fit™ rings are made of a premium quality, incredibly strong, plush soft touch silicone that is not too stretchy and won't grab hair: Effective, but easier to get on and off than a metal ring. Each Xact-Fit™ ring is stamped with its size, allowing one to efficiently order individual Xact-Fit cockrings in the future. 

The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit BrandCute, cocky and compact, the Play Zone kit is the perfect new toy for solo play, couples therapy, frat parties, home or office (we clocked you on Xtube) action and distraction. You can tie ‘em in a knot, tie em in a bow, stack ‘em, whack ‘em, rock-a-stack ‘em to your hard-on's content. 

Other uses for the Play Zone kit: desktop ring toss, utilitarian manbuns, redirecting pet traffic. 

P.S. The cone is not officially insertable. Just sayin’.  $39.95 (extra ring on the package is sample.) 

Order at, voted "Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year 2016" by XBIZ, the adult industry's leading publisher of business news and information.