The Armour Gear line of products continues to grow and impress users with different variations and sizes that appeal to a very large and growing consumer base. Armour Up, the newest model comes in three sizes, large, standard and sport. Check out some glowing reviews below.

“Perfect! So glad they made a slightly smaller size. It fits perfectly, it's super comfortable and looks hot. Hopefully they'll release a Jock Armor with this size ring, then I'm definitely going to be all over that.”

“Love this product. Very comfortable to wear all day.”

“I slipped it on in the morning and wore it ALL DAY as I worked around the house. Not one single problem. My next adventure will be wearing it out in public!”

“I absolutely LOVE the Cock Armour. I wear it as much as possible. It is a fantastic cock ring. I can't say enough about it. Love jerking off with it or just wearing it even at work. Thanks for the awesome products!”

“Love this COCK ring. I have worn it all day since I got it! It feels great on, and makes the kind of presentation we all want. Love the way there is a button that sits right on the perineum. It feels fantastic.”

“I freaking love this product. I have been wearing it nonstop since I got it. It puts my junk out there, and it makes me feel sexy! Nice work.”
“The idea is genius”

“This is my favorite product I have bought yet. It fits without pain, tugs without damage and accentuates your cock like no other cock ring. Definitely worth the buy. As a matter of fact, if you love cock rings and don't have this, you're missing out.”

“HOLY F***! I received it in the mail today and put it on, it makes my junk feel very big, it makes me feel very very hung when I touch myself and my balls, It feels like the Cock Armour isn’t there. I was afraid of wearing this at work as they might see my package easier. Thanks! Will recommend this to anyone who is looking for something that wants something to get a 'lift'.”

“20 out of 10!”

“Cock Armour is so comfortable that you don't have to lube it up. You want it to stay tight to your body so it can grip you and push your junk forward. Even un-lubed, it's still good for all-day wear, and, in my opinion, feels even hotter. Try it!”

“I love this item. It grips and pushes your junk out for hot display. You can wear the Cock Armor with other rings and stretchers for an even hotter look and feel. Definitely shows you off to best advantage. And the bulb at the base pleasures your taint when you walk, giving a constant reminder of your toyed-up condition, even with clothes on. Good for extended wear.”

“Absolutely amazing, these products are not like any I've shopped around for, I absolutely recommend these products, I am a very satisfied client and will continue to tell all my friends.”

“Definitely one of my favorite new toys. Fits on my cock perfectly and makes my bottom hungrier than ever. I fell asleep with it on last week, that's how comfortable it is.”

“Real fan of the cock armor. I love how comfortable it feels! The bulb at the base really makes my junk look huge!”

“This cock armor is the best "Cock-ring" style product I have ever worn. The material is incredibly comfortable and fits perfectly. The cock armor got my dick super hard for hours. I highly recommend this to any guy that is in to cock rings.”