Hello Perfect Fit Brand Customers,

We wanted to stop for a minute to let you know that we are wishing you and your loved ones good health and peace as we confront the coronavirus.

Coping with COVID-19 is tough and the good advice out there is worth repeating. We encourage everyone to hit the pause button, step back from your newsfeed, and devote serious time to self-care. Exercise, meditate, take time to cook and eat well, and stay in touch with friends, family and partners.

Now, perhaps more than ever, is a good time to pay attention to your sexual wellness. The myriad benefits of a healthy sexual life are clear, from stress relief, to the healing power of touch, to bonding with our partners and spouses. And, if we can help you step up your sex game, we’re glad to help.

The Perfect Fit Brand store is open for business as usual. Orders are shipping immediately. Customer service reps, now working from home, are available to help with any questions you may have regarding your orders. Our warehouse partners are rigorously following the hygiene safety and sanitation protocols and social distancing and cleaning set by the CDC.

We at Perfect Fit Brand remain committed to providing the same innovative products, service and enthusiasm that has garnered us over 60 prestigious industry awards.

Thank you for being a Perfect Fit Brand customer.

We hope you are not directly affected by the Coronavirus, but if you are, our thoughts are with you.  For those who are isolating and dealing with all the issues that brings up, we encourage you to be kind to yourself, your neighbors, the people who are making deliveries, and to support your local businesses.   And most of all stay safe.

Steve Callow
CEO, Perfect Fit Brand