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Above: Buck Angel and Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow gleefully introduce the two newest products from their collaborative Buck Angel® FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand.

(New York, NY) March 5, 2018 – In the fall of 2016, the Buck Angel® FTM Line of sex toys by Perfect Fit Brand electrified the media (Vice, Advocate, Forbes) and sexual health market with the release of the Buck-Off™ FTM stroker for trans men.   Since then, transsexual activist Buck Angel and collaborator, Steve Callow CEO of sexual health product company Perfect Fit Brand, have expanded the line with several new products, two of which were just released: The Kiss-X and the Fun Boy Packer.

Kiss-X by Perfect Fit Brand

The Kiss-X 

While the Buck-Off™ was designed specifically for transmen with an enlarged clitoris due to advanced hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the new Kiss-X (above) is designed for the transman not in medical transition, or who may be early on in their HRT, with a not so enlarged clitoris.  

The Buck-Off has a thumb-sized hole and a wider base. The Kiss-X is sleeker, with a tapered base and pinky sized opening. It's called the Kiss-X, because when placed over the clitoris and squeezed, the suction created gives the sensation of a gentle French kiss. 

"Frankly, this product exists thanks to feedback," says Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow. "We surveyed a group of Buck-Off customers and found the most common request (echoed in this BuzzFeed video) to be, 'Can you make one for the transman not in medical transition or who may be early on in their HRT?' We said, "Of course!"  

The Kiss-X comes in black or clear SilaSkinTM, Perfect Fit Brand’s proprietary blend of TPR and silicone and sells for $28.95.

In the video below Buck Angel compares and demos how the Buck Off and Kiss-X strokers work. More graphic (so NSFW!) demo videos are at BuckAngel.com.

Fun Boy packer by Perfect Fit Brand

The Fun Boy 

More than just a packer (fake penis to be worn under clothing) and more than just a toy, the Fun Boy is an exciting gender-neutral accessory that can be worn in a variety of imaginative ways. 

"Are we really defined by our genitals?" asks Buck Angel discussing the Fun Boy. "I myself am not defined by my genitals and love that I can choose if I want to wear my dick today or if I just want to be with my pussy. The Fun Boy permits us to play with gender fluidity. Your genitals should be a part of self-expression not depression!" 

Hollow, and soft like a thick flaccid penis, in addition to as a packer, the Fun Boy can also be worn as a strap-on, pack-and-play (a packer you can also wear during sex), cock-sheath extender, or as eye-popping fetish gear. The Fun Boy is available in 4.5” and 6.5” sizes and made of black or clear SilaSkinTM, Perfect Fit Brand’s proprietary blend of TPR and silicone and sells for $69.95 (4.5") and $79.95 (6.5").

Check out models (below) swinging Fun Boys at the Perfect Fit Brand’s huge tent at San Francisco's infamous Folsom Street Fair last Fall.

Perfect Fit Brand at the 2017 Folsom Street Fair

To talk to Buck Angel and Steve Callow about the Buck Angel® FTM Line or to request samples for review, please contact Andy Reynolds, Popular Publicity, andy@popularpublicity.com •

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