Buck Angel by Hans Rosemond and the Buck-Off package

Above: Buck Angel by Hans Rosemond and the Buck-Off package

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NOTE: This press release has been updated several times since it's release in September 2016.

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2017 AVN “O” Awards Outstanding Innovation 

Trans Men Crying Tears of Joy as Buck Angel's FTM Sex Toy is Released

(New York, NY) September 15, 2016–Buck Angel’s Buck-Off™, his sex toy/sexual health aid designed for trans men, is available as of today. It’s a boon to those trans men suffering from gender dysphoria. As Buck says on the packaging, “Love Your Body, Love Yourself.” Trans men cried (tears of joy) on hearing the news and seeing the prototype at trade fairs last month.  

The Buck-Off™ was collaboratively designed by trans icon and LGBTQ rights activist Buck Angel and Steve Callow, CEO and designer for Florida-based men’s sexual health products company Perfect Fit Brand.   

Buck Angel explains how the Buck-Off™ works in 20 seconds above or here 

Watch the totally NSFW demo here 

“This is something I have been working on for years," says Angel. "I approached many companies within the adult world, only to be told ‘there is no market.’ It's been frustrating," he says. "I have talked with so many FTM people about how they have a hard time connecting sexually with their bodies while transitioning. I never had bottom surgery,” Angel explains, “and when I learned to connect with my vagina and learned how to love it, it changed my life for the better in so many ways. So many men like me have told me that they can’t connect sexually with their bodies, or they don’t even want to touch their vaginas, and that makes me so sad.”

Engineered for FTM trans men who often see their clitorises grow in size as the result of testosterone therapy, the revolutionary Buck-Off™ was designed using Angel’s vision for how it should feel and fit. Made from ultra-soft SilaSkin™ (Perfect Fit’s proprietary blend of TPR and Silicone), its flat, flared base creates a suction cup-like effect and the inside is textured with soft ridges, designed to mimic the feel of a tongue. The Buck-Off™ can be stroked or just squeezed tightly, whichever the user prefers. The base also helps to stimulate the pubis, which can also lead to orgasm. “The way Perfect Fit engineered this is amazing! It really feels like you are getting a blowjob,” says Angel.

Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow with Buck Angel

Above: Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow with Buck Angel

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