Recently I visited Fort Troff where the owner and I discussed the customer feedback of the Fat Boy Sheath. Their customers didn't hold back..."The feeling is out of this world, The best way I can describe it is… like a JUICY blow job!"; "It's an amazing sensation. Not only in my cock but, in my HAND too.. It's an excellent toy :)"; "I am so fucking pleased I can't see straight. If I thought I could get away wearing it to work I would!"; "What else are you going to come out with in this material? AWESOME!!"

In addition to being their number one product since it launched, it has now earned the title as the "best sales of all time" product. Perfect Fit Brand Inc. spent about a year developing this unique material "SilaSkin(tm)" and learning how to mold it so that we could produce this product. Other SilaSkin products are in manufacturing now and will be released soon.

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