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XBiz 2016 Award Winner

In an industry which has traditionally catered to women’s pleasure, it’s a good time to be a man. Perfect Fit has been innovating products for couples that are pleasurable for both; and with our commitment and insight to developing great men’s products, we are the undisputed leader for Male Products.

Our innovations include the very popular Tunnel Plug, our Fat Boy stretchy sheath sensation, our Zoro one piece molded strap-ons, the highly praised body shaped cock rings – Armour Series, and the Gay Sex Toy of the Year – Jock Armour.

For media inquiries please contact:

Steve Callow (steve at our domain name).
Perfect Fit Brand Inc.
1881 NE 26th St, Ste 201A
Fort Lauderdale, FL

  1. ERGO is a Consumer Hit

    The ERGO [2 in 1] deep clean douche (SRP $36.95) was launched on a major US online retailer website this past weekend. Triple digit unit number sales exceeded everyones expectations and is evidence that consumers repsonded to the key selling features of the long bending nozzle and one-way air-valve design.

    By the end of November the ERGO Speed douche will be shipping (SRP $25.95). Using a similar noozle design with back-flow preventer, air-valve and shorter 6" bending nozzle, it is sure to be the class leader and easily outperform any other douche in this price range (if not all price ranges!)

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  2. Perfect Fit Brand launches new website

    Perfect Fit Brand launches new website to support consumers and wholesalers. The new site was built to provide detailed information to consumers and wholesalers on our unique and popular designs. We only sell to wholesalers on the website.

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  3. An invitation for Premium Retailers

    Perfect Fit Brand invites its Premium Retailers to be listed on our new website.

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XBiz Awards: 2016 Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year and 13 Nominations
AVN Awards: 10 Nominations
Storerotica: 3 Nominations