When Good Sex Begets Bad Sex

In case you missed it, the fourth single from electroduo Fisherspooner's album "SIR"--"TopBrazil," originally released back in January, is about "the dark side of sexual compulsion and the internet."

Fischerspooner SIR

Left, "SIR" album cover. Right, "SIR" album cover as displayed at the album premiere at The Guggenheim Museum in April 2018.

"Specifically," says Casey Fischer, "it’s about an experience I had in Rome with a super hot Roman college student who snuck me into his home while his parents were sleeping and we had this amazing awesome epic incredible illicit night of sex."

"And the next day I got greedy and thirsty and hungry and I wanted it again, but with another person. So I went and I hooked up with this guy and his profile name was TopBrazil—and it was a nightmare."

"He was an awful person, he was weird and awkward and rude. The whole experience was terrible. I don’t know why I stayed and I don’t know why I went through with it."

"SIR" was produced by Spooner's boyfriend, Michael Stipe of REM. The album, which celebrates sex, queerdom and old school gay decadence, was written for Spooner's "queer family and our special kind of love" and a "statement against the current anti-gay Neo-nazi presidency."

Casey Spooner and Michael Stipe by Hans Neumann

Casey Spooner and Michael Stipe by Hans Neumann

Previous "SIR"  singles include "Have Fun Tonight" and "Togetherness," the video's for which are below.



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