This Man Will Give You 20% OFF at Sex Expo NYC Sep 22-23

The Sex Expo is upon us. With over 7000 advance tickets sold, the Brooklyn Expo Center will be host to some one of the best sexual wellness shopping and learning events of the year. Not only will the center floor be a sex bazaar worth melting the chip right out of your credit card, but the demos, speakers, and freebies and samples will surely please this pleasure seeking crowd.

Perfect Fit Brand will be at Sex Expo this weekend, September 22-23 at the Brooklyn Expo Center and featuring three of our most innovative products: Play Zone Kit (9 Xact-Fit™ cock rings stacked on a bright orangte mini traffic cone), the one-piece Zoro strap on and our Fat Boy Extenders.

Manning the booth will be Wellington (pictured), and our publicist, Andy Reynolds, of Popular Publicity. Come say hi and enjoy a whopping 20% discount in person or while you shop our website: At checkout, enter coupon code: SEXEXPO18.

Below is a bit about each of the three featured products:

The Play Zone kit by Perfect Fit Brand

The Play Zone Kit (Cock Rings)

The incredibly popular Play Zone Kit has proven our revolutionary 0.1" incremental sizing system is the best system in the world.  We know you will be surprised at how this sizing makes all the difference.  Made of a plush soft touch silicone the Xact-Fit ring is premium quality and incredibly strong.  Each Xact-Fit ring is stamped with its size so no more guessing! Stack the rings for additional fun. If you if have favorite sizes you will soon be able to order 2-packs of any single Xact-Fit size. More/Shop here.

Zoro by Perfect Fit Brand

The Zoro (Strap-ons)

The Zoro® is was developed because we saw a major flaw in the current offerings: Strap-ons are not comfortable. Unlike other strap-ons, the Zoro so does not put pressure on your genitals: Thrust comes from the pelvis. We also designed it with an opening below the dildo, so it is both vagina and penis friendly. Our system doesn’t require a harness. Its innovative, patent pending, one-piece molded construction fits like a glove, and allows the wearer to have full access to their genitals for stimulation. In fact, with an erect penis the Zoro allows for ultra-comfortable double penetration! And because it is a single molded piece, there is no weak joint where a dildo would typically attach. Our clear model, the Zoro Knight, is hollow, and will accommodate a flaccid penis. More/Shop here.

Fat Boy Sport Extender and Stroker

The Fat Boy (Extenders/Strokers)

The Fat Boy line of extenders is revolutionary because it was the first extender that was designed specifically to feel great on penis as well as for the receiver.  We developed the SilaSkin™ silicone/TPR compound material specifically to give the necessary movement on the penis necessary for climax. The material expands or shrinks for a perfect snug fit.  The Fat Boy Thin adds ½” to penis girth; the Fat Boy Sport adding a full inch. Since its launch, the Fat Boy has become a favorite sexual enhancer for many couples and was voted Sex Toy of the Year for 2017 by Men’s Health Magazine. More/Shop here.



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