These Girls Give "Sex-Positive" a Whole New Meaning

If you've not yet come across, or should we say cum across, the Twitter feeds for London porn stars Sophie Anderson @SophieASlut and Rebecca More @more_milf, get on them. (They'd love it!)

Sophie Anderson on Twitter

These partners in crime, proudly call themselves "dick destroyers," and regulary hit the streets looking for cock. When this dynamic dick destroying duo get together, it's nothing but trouble.

Frankly, "cock" never sounded so good as so laciviously enuciated by a British accent: Classy and downright filthy at the same time.

Sophie Anderson on Twitter

What is so fun about these gung-ho (emphasis on "ho"!) ladies' tweets is the delivery. At once pneumatic, hilarious and over-the-top, for lesser stars, the delivery might fall flat, but from Sophie and Rebecca, it becomes utter comic genius.

With tweets titled "We got dick, cancel the Uber," "fucking let’s get out and slag out in town" and "Good morning sunshine come lick my cunt" you'll be binge watching from the first. Trust.

Sophie Anderson on Twitter

And don't miss the lipsynch tribute by two male fans in Spain. Too funny.

We'll leave you with this short post for now, but we hope to be back with a little Q&A with these ladies in the new year. Enjoy, and share.

And thanks to Chi Chi LaRue for tuning us on the Sophie and Rebecca! •