Should Muscular Gay Men Stop Talking about Body Issues Online?

Body dysmorphia is real – so why don’t we believe people who talk about the ways they see themselves?

In a recent article for Dazed Digital, writer James Greig says, "For those of us who don’t look like we spend five days a week in the gym, it can be tempting to wish the six-packed gays would shut up."

He explores body issues that taunt many if not all gay men, but ultimately wishes, "We should try to treat each other with a bit more sympathy, because a majority of us dislike the way we look and we might be waiting a long time for a structural solution to that problem. A friend of mine tells me, “honestly, gay men’s body issues are out of control. Everyone needs a hug… and to not be so fucking cruel.”

Should muscular gay men stop talking about body issues online? - DAZED

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