Resolve to be a Better Bottom in 2018?

Lots of us make New Year's resolutions and we're willing to bet not a few of them are centered in the bedroom. Many commit to trying new positions, toys or a combo thereof. Which brings us to anal sex, specificaly bottoming.

We found this great little article on a while back. While it gives some good advice to first time bottoms regarding how to loosen up, it doesn't touch on the other half of the equation--cleaning out. But, or butt (!), Perfect Fit Brand has got you covered with our line of Ergofló Emenas. More on the right way to clearn your butt in a future post.

Meanwhile, the introduction to "Shame-Free Tips on How to Be a Better Bottom":

"While this is advice for those who identify as “bottoms,” anyone who has anal sex should have an understanding of the process involved in successful bottoming. It will help you be a better “top” and positively affect overall sexual experiences.

The act of bottoming is a true art, and whether it’s your first attempt or you’ve been experimenting with it for quite some time, analyzing your readiness and the proper techniques not only allow you to reach heightened sexual pleasure, but also enable safe and enduring practices."

Read the full article on by their Sexual Health Expert, Dr. Evan Goldstein here.

And check out our gorgeous line of Ergofló Enemas here.

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