Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality Gleefully Reviews the Fat Boy Sport

A wee throwback for ya.

One of our favorite video reviews, check out this one for the Fat Boy Sport by award winning UK-based sex & relationship coach, Rachael McCoy (below) of Inspiring Sexuality

Rachael McCoy of Inspiring Sexuality at XBIZ 2016 UK

About the Fat Boy Sport, Rachael says,

“We both actually loved it!”  

“Even though it was a bit naughty that my man’s cock was so massive, it felt really, really good!”  

"All in all I think this a great product and it might not be something that you’d originally go for,  but I really enjoyed it, so I highly recommend."

In additional to being fun to use with your partner, Rachael, being the thorough and inquisitive reviewer that she is, discovered to her pleasure that the Fat Boy Sport is great solo!

Ladies, watch the video to learn how Rachael turned the Fat Boy Sport into a masturbator that “wasn’t like the standard vibrator or a big hard thing, it has a soft squidgy texture, which made you feel full, which was a completely different sensation, which I really liked.”


For more info and to purchase the Fat Boy Sport click here or go to www.perfectfitbrand.com, click the dropdown menua and select Fat Boy Extenders.


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