Perfect Fit Brand is Official Sponsor of The Black Party Photo Booth

Rites XXXIX: The Black Party® 2018 "PIGTOPIA: I Want to Break Free" is this weekend. Perfect Fit Brand is the offical sponsor of the Black Party Photo booth. 

For those who are not famiilar, The Black Party is the daddy of all gay fetish balls. With guests jetting in from across the country to around the world, it is one seriously fun party. Extreme decor by this year's Creative Director international queer artist Gio Black Peter and music by the world's best DJs make this the ultimate galthering of the leather/fetish tribe.


The parties have always been heavily themed. Last year's theme was "Dark Matter," , set in trippy alternate fetish universe. The previous year it was "Submerged," set in a submarine world of brothels, dungeons and decadence lorded over by maritime pirates.

This year's theme "PIGTOPIA: I Want to Break Free," is perhaps one of the most twisted yet, and described by the creative director as, "set in a new animal Eden, where pleasure becomes a weapon and an act of defiance against forces threatening to take away our freedom. Through peepholes looking in, we glimpse scenes of a happy hedonistic queer Americana."

The Black Party is clearly not for everyone and frankly, the produces don't give AF. Seriously. There is no press list. Cameras and phones are forbidden; secrecy and respect for ones right to fly his/her/their freak flag without some fool dishing it on social media is foremost.

But for those to whom The Black Party® is the culmination of a year's patient anticipation (and shopping), it is everything. So, get your lewk together, cause this is one party that doesn't play, when it comes to playing.So get geared up and pumped and swagger on over to the Black Party photo booth and get your portrait shot by photographer Robert Zash. Its free and on us!

Black Party 2018 flyer by Gio Black Peter

Tickets, more info at

Read the Black Party and the "PIGTOPIA" theme here.


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