Funny Men Buck and Steve & New Toys from The Buck Angel® FTM Line

As many  of you know, trans activist Buck Angel and Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow are the collaborative duo behind the innnovative Buck Angel® FTM Line by Perfect Fit Brand.

Here, in one of our most fun promo videos ever, Buck and Steve introduce the two newest products in the Buck Angel® FTM Line, the Kiss-X and the Fun Boy Packer.

The Kiss-X

The Kiss-X is an addition to the Buck-Off FTM stoker lineup.  The Buck-Off was designed specifically for transmen well into transition. We surveyed a group of buyers of the Buck-Off and we heard a common request – “can you make one for the transman not in medical transition or who may be early on in their HRT?” We said: Of course!

The new snugger version also has a different shape at the base. The Kiss-X is a purposefully designed suction stroker to fit over the clitoris, while maintaining the style and benefits of the Buck-Off. Buck explains the difference between the Buck-Off and Kiss-X in this video.

Kiss-X by Perfect Fit Brand

The Fun Boy Packer

The Fun Boy Packer is "a brand new concept in products that is designed for anyone who wants to have a mammoth penis swinging between their legs." Gender neutral in its appeal, the Fun Boy is a great FTM packer, but because it is hollow and made of super soft SilaSkin™ (black or clear), it can be used by cis men as an extender. You can even put a battery bullet in the balls cavity. (Nuts!) It is also an insanely fun as fetish gear, as you may have seen on our models in photos from this year's Folsom Street Fair.

Fun Boy Packer by Perfect Fit Brand

Order the Buck-Off™ Buck Angel FTM Stroker, the Kiss-X, and the Fun Boy at


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