FKIN (A)rt Friday - Wild and Wicked Erotic Art of Felipe Novoa

Discover the wild and wicked erotic art of Felipe Novoa

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

All images in this post are posted by permission of Felipe Novoa.

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Meet Felipe Novoa, a professional illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Bogotá, Columbia. His singular mix of urban art, lowbrow style, mischief, humor and eye-popping colors has made him popular not only with fans of his illustrations, stickers, pins and T-shirts, but as a commercial artist.

Totto backpacks featuring art by Felipe Novoa

Above: Totto backpacks featuring art by Felipe Novoa

His work has appeared on everything from luggage and clothing to a recent, very cool ad campaign for Columbian beer, Cervesa Poker. He’s also been a featured artist in Columbian art magazines, Bacanika and Cartel Urbano and been published in two books by UK-based Stickerbomb (UK).

Below Felipe Novoa tell us more about his work, particularly his erotic art, which is what really caught our eye.

Felipe Novoa

Above: Felipe Novoa

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

When and why did you become an illustrator?

Everything has been a process. When I was a child, I loved to draw my favorite TV characters and I also drew the things that I saw around me. After a while I interested in graffiti and urban art, at that point I created my monkey brand, and officially became an illustrator while studying graphic design at university.

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

What is your process? Do you draw by hand on paper first or go straight to your computer?

At the beginning I drew everything by hand, then I traced that on tracing paper, scanned and applied the color digitally. I was saving money for a while and 3 years ago I was able to buy an iPad and now I do the whole process on it. I use two programs, Medibang Paint and Procreate. 

Felipe Novoa at work

Above: Felipe Novoa at work

What art or artists have been most influential to you?

There are so many artists and illustrators who have influenced me, it would be very long to name them all. For now, I will name the following ones: Stinkfish, SaintCat Lesivo and Toxicomano, who are some graffiti artists from my country Colombia. DFace, Obey Giant and Aryz. Toshio Saeki was an important reference to create my style and my taste for erotic art, also Apollonia Saintclair. Finally, I think that all the drawings from Garbage Pail Kids, Dragon Ball, Cartoon Network, among others, were too important for me.

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Are there other artists, past or present that you admire?

Yes, there are many artists that I follow today who inspire me to continue drawing and trying harder to achieve bigger goals. I could name James Jean, Joan Cornella, Tara McPherson, and Kim Jung. In my country there are also many talented artists like Lorena Alvarez, Edgar Rozo, Guacala and Daniel Lievano.

I think you have to always be willing to learn new things and techniques to be a good artist, and not get carried away by the ego and the false fame that there is today in social networks.

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Where do you go to be inspired, to see other art?

I think there are many forms of inspiration. I used to go to museums and fairs in my city a lot to get inspired, but I also love to read books and watch movies and some TV series that also open my mind to many ideas. Actually, you have access to a lot of information in your cell phone, so I use Instagram and Pinterest to search and find new artists, animators, photographers, and painters who continually inspire me.

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustrations from the "Prácticas Sexuales Extrañas" series by Felipe Novoa (see the full series on Instagram @felipenovoafen)

What motivated you to make erotic art?

My interest in erotic art was motivated by two things. The first one was when I was in college. I read a book by Charles Bukowski called “Loneliness.” In that book there are some erotic and surreal texts and at that moment I thought how fun it would be to draw those stories.

The second reason is that in my first year of college I got a girlfriend, haha. At that time, I was very inexperienced, so I began to read many texts on the internet about sexuality and in the meantime, I found a text that talked about strange sexual practices that included needles, insects and some paraphilias. That was the first erotic text that I illustrated from which 6 quite funny and somewhat controversial images emerged.

Motel Room Series by Felipe Novoa

Motel Room Series by Felipe Novoa

Motel Room Series by Felipe Novoa

Above (3 previous): Motel Room Series by Felipe Novoa

What’s the story behind the Motel Room series?

I've really only been in a motel twice. At some point in those experiences, I thought about how many couples should be there at that moment, all the different poses and experiences that we could be having at that very moment but separated by the walls of the building, so I decided to draw three of those things: a sugar daddy with his girl, someone very fast and someone very slow in sex, that's the story.

An ad from a campaign for Cervesa Poker by Felipe Novoa

Above: Cervesa Poker ad campaign by Felipe Novoa. (See more ad from the series on Instagram @felipenovoafen

What are you working on now?

I make some design products that I sell in my country, so that keeps me busy when I don't have commissions. Right now, I'm doing some drawings for a Pabst beer contest so please wish me luck.

Scarlet Spider by Felipe Novoa

Above: Scarlet Spider by Felipe Novoa

You also teach. How long have you been teaching, what are you teaching students to do, and what do you like about it?

The teaching thing came to my life by surprise. It was a very big challenge, but I am very satisfied with the result, and I realized that I really like to teach. In my Domestika course I teach to illustrate in photoshop through my process. It has been very gratifying to see all the good comments on the course, and that there are so many people who really admire and appreciate your artwork around the world.

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

Above: Illustration by Felipe Novoa

What is the most important tip you can give a new illustrator about making great art, like yours?

The first thing is that this is a very long process, there are people who are very eager to be recognized and don´t really enjoy drawing. The second is to practice hard and persist. And the third thing is that your ego never goes up.

Felipe Novoa

Above: Felipe Novoa

Where can people in the U.S. and Canada buy your art and what products are available (T-shirts, stickers, pins—anything else, posters?)

There is something that I don´t know if happens in other countries, but in mine the international shipments cost too much, sometimes double or triple what the product costs. Sadly, for now I have to limit myself to selling things only in my country.

Illustration by Felipe Novoa

What does “FEN” that we see as a signature on your illustrations stand for?

It is the most boring story you are going to hear; it is only the initials of my first and last name, Felipe Novoa. Sorry.

If you loved the art by Felipe Novoa you've seen here, be sure to check out and follow Felipe Novoa on Instagram at @felipenovoafen and Facebook.