Via Jezebel - "A Chat About Empowerment With an Artist Who Embroiders Cum Shots"

This week's FKIN (Art) Friday was discovered on, so we're just posting a little intro and sending you on to the full story written by Jezebel Senior Staff Writer Tracy Clark-Flory.

In the fascinating interview you'll meet artist Emma Rose Laughlin who, per the title, meticulously embroiders cum shots, often "facials."

She talks about discovering embrodery thanks to her grandmother who, no, has NOT seen the fruits of her influence – "I think it would shake her" – her admiration for female porn stars and the power of the blow job and resulting facial, "In a lot of my personal experiences with blow jobs, I’ve felt that it’s pretty cool to make a partner orgasm and then bask in it."

Emma Rose Laughlin close up of “Marie McCray"

Below are the first two paragraphs, followed by a link to the full Jezebel story and slideshow.

"Artist Emma Rose Laughlin is a lover of the traditionally feminine craft of embroidery. Ever since she discovered a box of discarded needlework in her grandma’s basement a few years ago, she has taken to stitching vintage doilies and handkerchiefs with painstaking designs—but she isn’t interested in the typical dainty floral or heart patterns. She prefers what you might call a cross-genre motif: the cum shot."

"We’re talking meticulously threaded depictions of women porn performers with mouths open wide, tongues arching over their glistening bottom lips, and pearls—actual pearls—of ejaculate dripping down their chins. Sometimes, a raging hard-on enters into the scene, but it’s only ever shown in silhouette. The one constant is the women—either readying their mouths for a dick or wearing a constellation of semen on their faces. There is very rarely any explicit nudity—it’s typically just the white vintage fabric against the few choice lines making up the women’s faces."

Read the full story and see a great little slideshow of Emma's work on this post. Go to her Instagram page to see many more images.

Every Friday Erotic Intent will bring you a piece of erotic art history, from ancient Greece and Rome on up to the present day. You can see some good examples of a of erotic art through the ages in our very first post, "Dildos, Strap-ons, and Pegging: An Anal History."



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