FKIN (A)rt Friday

Meet ballsy, charming, gay, disabled, artist, photographer and activist Robert Andy Coombs

All photographs by Robert Andy Coombs

There's no better was to sum up the life experience that has launched the career of artist and photographer Robert Andy Coombs, than to just quote his April 24 Instagram post:

"Holy shit! Today marks 10 years since I broke my neck training a double backflip on a trampoline! I went from a crazy athletic dude to a crazy disabled dude! One thing that remains the same is my sexiness! I’ve come so far, re-learning how to breathe, swallow, and live on my own… Now I am getting my MFA in photography @yale !!! Never in 1 million years did I think I would be where I’m at today, but I’m glad to be here, and I am glad to have my amazing family and friends with me every roll of the way! Here’s to the next 10!"

Robert talked to Erotic Intent FKIN (A)rt Friday about his photography, future and sex. Below a quick Q&A with Robert and a small selection of his photographs.

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

1 When do you get your masters and what has your work toward getting your mastered entailed? How has your work been received by your professors? Fellow students?

I will receive my MFA in 2020. I believe my professors and visiting critics definitely like my work along with my fellow students, everyone is wondering what I’m going to do next. I usually will run a few pictures by my fellow students 1st just to help me edit down to the best pictures.

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

2 What are your plans after? Presumably you will continue with your fine art photography, but you’d once wanted to be a fashion photographer. Does that remain of interest to you as a career?

After graduation, I plan to start teaching right away. I need to get a big person job so that I can start getting some income! Other than that, I am definitely down to start getting paid for speaking engagements, would love to travel more, and most definitely I will people working on my artwork! I would love to do fashion photography as well, I would love to be commissioned for that work, but I don’t think it will be my true focus anymore.

However, I would have to make sure we incorporated disability somehow into fashion photography, it’s about time we diversify beyond race, gender, and sexuality. It would be amazing to incorporate disability into the fashion industry, but I think the industry needs to rethink who to make the garments for. If you design for disabled people, it benefits everyone. Able-bodied people would be able to wear clothing that was designed for disabled bodies, and who knows they might enjoy it as well.

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

3 Are you doing commercial work now or strictly grad school, fine art?

I am currently just working on my fine art, but if someone commissions me to do something I would take it in a heartbeat! So if anyone out there is reading, if you have a check, I have a talent!

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

4 What are your plans for the summer? Shoots?

I applied to the Fire Island Artist Residency on Fire Island, New York, but I’m still waiting to hear back from them! I think my artwork would blossom from the gay history of fire Island. I would also have a large pool of homosexuals to draw from, which would help me make work! I received a grant from Yale, so I will definitely be traveling somewhere where there is a lot of beautiful boys.

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

5 Do you have a particular sexual experience that was particularly hot or special to you that you’d like to share?

One date that sticks out to me was when I lived back in Michigan and I went out to dinner and a play with this guy. After dinner, the play, and a few drinks, we were getting my wheelchair hooks and seatbelt in order in my van. As he was hooking my seatbelt we became face-to-face and he looks into my eyes and said “when I was feeding you dinner, I was so hard…” Then we proceeded to make out. Needless to say, we went back to my place…The intimacy that I experience with other guys on my dates are extremely sexually charged being in close proximity to each other. You can play with that which makes the sexual tension so much hotter.

Photgraph by Robert Andy Coombs

6 As this will run on the blog of sex toy company, the obvious question is, are you a fan of sex toys? Have you found any that enhance sex with a partner or solo? If so, what are they, what’s been your experience?

I absolutely love toys! 2 of my favorites are the wand thunder stick, which is a high powered vibrator that I use sometimes to help me ejaculate. The other is the Lovense line of Bluetooth/long-distance vibrators that connect to your smart phone. You can literally play with anyone in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. This helps me play with my partner when they have it inserted, then I can taunt and tease As I please.

7 If you see a toy on that you’d like, let me know and we'd be happy to send it to you.

I’m in need of better fitting clock rings, so whichever ones are the most versatile and comfortable the use! Would also be interesting to come up with a line of toys specifically for Disabled people! Being able to masturbate on my own would be amazing! Or other ways of making toys accessible to use on my partners, especially BDSM. •

Three excellent articles about Robert Andy Coombs: The Yale Daily News, Topology Magazine and Mel Magazine.

To see much more of Robert Andy Coombs work, go to and follow him on Instagram @robertandycoombs