FKIN (A)rt Friday

The erotic, kinky, and beautiful enema art of the mysterious "Julie Delacourt"

A fortuitous stumble down a slipperly Google path, thanks to a tip on the Twitter feed of NYC dominatix @LyraLethe, dropped us smack in the middle of a treasure trove of gourgeous, kinky, erotic art. Very FKIN (A)rt Friday!

Erotic art by Julie Delacourt

Meet the artist "Julie Delacourt," in quotes because it is a presumed alias, according to a post on Dangerous Minds, which may belong to Richard Hegemann—a German artist who also worked under the names A. Hegemann, A. Hegener and P. Rollmann. Hegemann. Another alias that comes up is Gaggleman.

Erotic art by Julie Delacourt

The legend attached to these watercolors, culled from several sites, is that in the mid-50s, a wealthy art dealer in New York commissioned a designer in Berlin to paint a series of erotic works for personal use.

The anonymous German artist, known under the various pseudonyms, delivered 150 works in watercolor, co-starring next to beautifully manicured ladies, the enema. At the death of the owner, the works changed hands, but the new owner remains a mystery.

Erotic art by Julie Delacourt

There is no source listed online, however a quick google of "Julie Delacourt," and dozens pop up.

A bit more info and references can be found on and in this "Art of the Enema" featured on the always fascinating

And if you like Julie's art, you might also like the art of Gerda Wegener: The film "The Danish Girl" is the story of her trans husband, Einar Wegener, who had the world’s first gender-reassignment surgery and became Lili Elbe.