Meet the lovely, inclusive, LGBTQ loving artist, Felix D'Eon

Tripping over the glorious queer art of Felix D'Eon whilst in a Twitter hole will stop even the most derailed ADD victim in their tracks. Vintage in feel, gracious and sensuous, D'Eon's art is a welome oasis in a digital world stobing by at seizure-inducing speed. 

He aptly introduces himself on Twitter,  "I am a Mexican, latinx painter and activist dedicated to the art of queer love, romance, and sensuality." 

Felix D'Eon

Caption from his Facebook page: "The famed Edwardian pornographer, Felix d'Eon."

Sweet, friskly, and lovely, this is feel-good art for everyone, wherever you fall on or near the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

"The feeling of seeing oneself reflected in art is very important; this is something which I think straight people might take for granted," he told in an interview last year.

From grand masterpieces (above) to figure painting, to tarot, shunga, and greeting cards, D'Eon's rich catalog is available to view and purchase online at Please do yourself a favor, and visit his website (just paging through the homepage slideshow is a delight), and don't miss the blog, to get a look behind the art. And buy some art!

Felix D'Eon Love Is Love

Above: Felix D'Eon "Love Is Love"

From his website, here is his bio. 

Felix was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a French father and a Mexican mother. At a very young age, he and his family moved to Southern California, where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. He attended college at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, and subsequently lived in San Francisco until 2010, when he returned to his native Mexico.

Felix D'Eon

Above: Felix D'Eon "Camción Mexicana"

He now live in Mexico City with his mini schnauzer, Caperucita Satori. While home is now Mexico, he travels extensively, and has lived at various times in Florence, Tennessee, Bangkok, Oahu, New Orleans, and in various cities around Mexico.  

Felix D'Eon Where's Kitty

Above: Felix D'Eon "Where's Kitty?"

He has exhibited around the United States and Mexico, and his work is carried in stores and galleries around the world. His work has also been published in a variety of magazines and in other formats, most recently appearing on the cover of "The Advocate."  

Felix D'Eon Siren's Allure

Above: Felix D'Eon "Siren's Allure"

He is enraptured by various art-historical styles, such as Edwardian fashion and children's book illustration, golden-era American comics, and Japanese Edo printmaking. In his work, he attempts to make the illusion of antiquity complete, using antique papers and careful research as to costume, set, and style.

Felix D'Eon Mermaid's Wedding

Above: Felix D'Eon "Mermaid's Wedding"

His goal is perfect verisimilitude. He subverts their "wholesome" image and harnesses their style to a vision of gay love and sensibility. D'Eon treats vintage illustrative styles as a rhetorical strategy, using their language of romance, economic power, and aesthetic sensibility as a tool with which to tell stories of historically oppressed and marginalized queer communities.

Felix D'Eon Song the Whole World

Above: Felix D'Eon "Song the Whole World Sings"

By painting images of queer love, seduction, sex, and romance, the gay subject is stripped of its taboo nature. For unlike artists such as Tom of Finland, whose work is a celebration of the outlaw status of queer sexuality, d'Eon's work seeks to normalize the marginal, and place the heretofore taboo subject at the center, through the use of the rhetorical styles of the historically empowered and mainstream.

Felix D'Eon Not at the Office

Above: Felix D'Eon "Not at the Office"

In the artists work, the illustrative imagery of the past does not cease to be wholesome through the inclusion of gay sex and sensibilities. He simply expands the notion of what wholesome is, erasing shame and celebrating desire.

Every Friday Erotic Intent will bring you a piece of erotic art history, from ancient Greece and Rome on up to the present day. You can see some good examples of a of erotic art through the ages in our very first post, "Dildos, Strap-ons, and Pegging: An Anal History." We'd love suggestions of artists to feature. And if you create your own erotic art, please message us via our Facebook page.



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