Buck Angel Explains the Kiss-X FTM Clitoral Stimulator

Following on the great success of the Buck-Off™, comes the Kiss-X FTM clitoral stimulator, which has a smaller hole for people with smaller parts.

Frankly, this product exists thanks to feedback from our customers. We surveyed a group of buyers of the Buck-Off and we heard a common request, “Can you make one for the transman not in medical transition or who may be early on in their HRT?” We said, "Of course!"

While the Buck-Off™ was designed specifically for transmen well into transition, the Kiss-X is designed for those who are just beginning or not so far along, with a not so enlarged clitoris.

The KISS-X is basically the snugger version of the Buck-Off. While maintaining the style and benefits of the Buck-Off™, that is the pleasure of masturbating using suction without an electric device.

The Kiss-X has a different shape at the base, and is a purposefully designed suction stroker to fit over the clitoris.

Buck Angel explains:


• KissX is a hand-operated masturbator designed to give suction like a gentle kiss for amazing pleasure.

• Made of SilaSkinTM– a proprietary blend of TPR and silicone which is incredibly soft and irresistibly stretchy.

• Comes in black and clear.

Got to BuckAngel.com to watch the graphic (so NSFW!) video showing how the Kiss-X works with trans male genitals.

Buy the Kiss-X on www.buckangel.com or from us. Click here.