The 30-Day Sex Position Challenge

A great little story in the UK's Daily Mail we thought you might enjoy, thanks to a tip from our favorite sexpert and author Karley Sciortino. The tips come from UK lingerie and sex toy retailer in celebration of  

Written for straight couples, but easily applicable across the sexuality spectrum, and illustrated with wooden mannequins, these frisky techniques are handily ranked by difficultry from 1/5 ("The Speed Bump") to 5/5 the "Butter Churner")!

30 Day Sex Position Challenge Daily Mail Ann Summers

The Daily Mail thoughtfully shares Ann Summers' how-tos for "The Shard" ("ideal for reaching a G-spot orgasm"), "Four on the Floor" ("Get down on all fours, allowing your partner to give you oral sex from behind") and, the athlectic "Carry On Climax" ("The position guarantees deep penetration and is amazing for full body contact") and 27 other positions.

< The teaser image to the left is the "Riding High," "This position offers another way to spice up your oral pleasure."

Daily Mail Ann Summers headline

From the Ann Summers via The Daily Mail –

"Couples who feel they are lacking inspiration between the sheets need look no further than this saucy month-long sex challenge.

Lingerie brand Ann Summers released a list of 30 sex positions and are encouraging couples to try out a different one every day in a bid to beat bedroom boredom.  

The suggestions range from firm favourites like missionary and spooning, to eye-opening options such as 'The Running Start', 'Leap of Faith' and 'The Bridge'.

For those who are just starting out, the experts offer easy step-by-step guides on how to get yourself in position - and an instructive image to fill in any blanks.

So if you're looking for something new in the bedroom - or elsewhere..." 

– Continue reading The Daily Mail story here.


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