12 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About the Penis

Sex writer, toy maker, and all round sexpert Tracy Cox shares some fascinating tidbits about your manbits on her "Sex. Life. Love." blog.

Tracey Cox

In addition to items such as the one that teases with "If you've got large testicles...," she provides a short list of "Quick Fixes" should "You want your penis to look bigger tonight" or "You want quicker, stronger erections."

Tracy Cox

"It’s an object of worship yet causes more anxiety than any other body part," says Tracey, introducing the article. "Myths about the male member abound, so let’s dispel a few, shall we? Turns out you can’t really predict the size of his penis by the size or his feet or nose – but there are damn good reasons to be having lots of sex!"

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