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Meet the Divine, Dominant Divas of Namio Harukawa

Note: All images are by Namio Harukawa and posted as a tribute. If you own these images and wish us to remove them, please Contact Us.

Thanks to a post on the Instagram for "The International Journal of Desire and Curiosity," Phile Magazine, Erotic Intent's FKIN (A)rt Friday is delighted to introduce you to the art, women and “femdom,” of recently deceased erotic artist, Namio Harukawa.

Namio Harukawa

Famous for illustrations of buxom, bodacious, yet blasé women dominating diminutive men, Harukawa’s images are playful, powerful, and eye-popping.

Namio Harukawa

From Wikipedia:

"Namio Harukawa (1947 – April 24, 2020) was a pseudonymous Japanese fetish artist best known for his works depicting female domination ("femdom"), with erotic asphyxiation a frequent subject of his art. Harukawa was born in 1947 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. As a high school student he contributed artwork to Kitan Club, a post-war pulp magazine that published sadomasochistic artwork and prose.

Namio Harukawa

He developed a career as a fetish artist in the 1960s and 1970s, taking the pen name "Namio Harukawa": formed from an anagram of "Naomi", a reference to Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's novel of the same name, and actress Masumi Harukawa. Though he worked in pornographic magazines for the majority of his career, his work received wider recognition and critical acclaim beginning in the 2000s.

Namio Harukawa

His artwork typically features women with large breasts, hips, legs, and buttocks dominating and humiliating smaller men, typically through facesitting or other forms of sexualized smothering. Bondage and human furniture are depicted frequently in his art."

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