Your Definitive Douching System and Anal Sex Cleaning Guide

Simply put, anal douching, sometimes referred to as an “enema”, helps one clean out the lower colon and rectum by flushing the area with water. It’s often used to clean out this area prior to anal play. If you’re the least bit squeamish about poop, or afraid you may poop during anal play, this is a great way to help eliminate any fears. Sex educator, Emily L. Depasse states, “ anal douche is a tool for removing any fecal remnants from the rectum, typically in preparation for receptive anal sex, through rinsing the rectum.” ~This quote was originally published on By forcing water into the lower rectum, you’ll soften any poop currently residing in that dark cavern. This, in turn, leads to a loosening of your sphincter and the evacuation, or cleansing of your lower rectum and, of course, the anus.

As we all learned in elementary biology, the lower part of the colon and rectum is responsible for collecting and flushing feces from the body. Prior to anal play or sex, you may wish to douche to eliminate that waste. While it’s not necessary, it may help you to feel more comfortable during play, reducing the “fear factor” that poop may potentially materialize while in the middle of an intimate moment. 

There are different types of douching systems, but ultimately, they all perform the same task. Simple systems involve a bulb filled with a special liquid or water that you simply squirt into the rectum, then release. Water is the most common liquid used. Other systems are more elaborate, connecting to the plumbing in your shower.

There are a ton of douching options and systems on the market, including pre-filled enema bulbs to full-blown systems that include metal or rubber douching wands. A high-quality reusable option is ideal and more economical long-term. We do NOT recommend DIY-ing it. Professional douching systems are made specifically for this purpose, so you can be assured that if you’re using it in the right way, little can go wrong. 

So, you’ve purchased a douching system. Now what?! Well, if you’ve never inserted anything into your rectum before, you may wish to start there. It’s highly recommended that you start small. Douching wants isn’t super thick or big (after all, they are simply meant to perform a duty–pun intended), but if you’ve never had anything in your anus, you’ll want to get a feel for it before douching so you know what to expect. Starting with a lubed-up finger or small toy is a great way to start.

Once you’re comfortable, read through the instructions for the device you’re using to make sure you understand how it works. The XPLAY® Pro Shower Douche uses low-pressure technology and has some excellent online instructions available.

The most convenient place to douche is in the shower for the purposes of easy clean-up. You may need to experiment with positions. You can try douching while squatting, standing, on your hands and knees, or even lying down. Find the most comfortable position for you. This may take a little trial and error. 

To make sure you’re fully relaxed (or as relaxed as possible), take a deep breath. Then, when slowly breathing out, gently insert the nozzle and let the water do its thing. 

If your first time doesn’t go as planned, don’t be discouraged. Everybody is unique, and it may take some time to get used to it. 

The benefits, of course, are that you’ll feel clean and free to explore anal play without any concern that you’ll accidentally poop, which, by the way, is actually quite rare.

Due to the delicate nature of douching, Perfect Fit Brand™ custom designed an entire line of douching products. They understand how important it is to feel confident and clean. They also want to make sure you’re able to clean quickly, with as little stress on your body as possible. 

Using advanced technologies, all Ergofló™ products are designed with easy setup in mind. With features like pressure conversion, air valve technology, and medical-grade silicone, the Ergofló™ family of douching products are truly next gen.

The XPLAY® Pro Shower Douche is a reusable system. It’s lightweight and sets up in seconds making it perfect for travel. The low-pressure technology and 8” silicone nozzle are designed to clean quickly. It truly is the ultimate prep system for anal sex.

If spontaneity is your thing, look no further than the Ergofló™ Impulse. With a custom-designed bulb, the Impulse is perfect for those unexpected moments. It sets up in seconds and features a water-tight design for leak-proof performance. 

If you want to avoid refilling your bulb, check out the Ergofló™ Director. This 9oz bulb with air-valve technology reduces back-flow and requires fewer refills to get the job done. It comes with an 8” (20 cm) flex-tip nozzle as well as a smaller 3” (8 cm) stowaway tip. 

The Ergofló™ Extra is similar to the Impulse and Director. The difference is the premium 5” (13 cm) ABS plastic tip, which is more rigid than the Director’s silicone flex tip. It also comes with a 3” (8 cm) stowaway tip.

When it comes to douching, the pros are pretty obvious. No more worries about pooping during anal play, and you simply feel cleaner and more confident.

That said, douching should always be done with care, and you never want to over-douche. Your body is miraculous. It knows how to hold feces in your bowels, and notifies you when it’s time to release them. You’ll definitely want to make sure your body maintains that ability. Over-douching means risking the disruption of your body’s delicate electrolyte and bacterial balance and your body’s natural evacuation procedures. Every time you douche, you are also washing away a protective mucous lining. 

Some experts maintain that douching no more than 1-3 times a week is acceptable. That said, everybody is different. Performing an enema has also been known to interfere with already present irregular heartbeats or other heart issues. 

Over-douching can also cause damage to sensitive anal and anal canal tissues. This can put you at a higher risk for STIs and other infections. And, of course, if you suffer from hemorrhoids or anal fissures you may want to avoid douching altogether. We highly recommend that you consult with a medical professional to determine how much you can comfortably douche without concern and if it’s right for you. 

Done safely and with care, using properly designed douching products and systems can give you the confidence to truly explore your sexuality. 

When you’re ready to take the plunge, familiarize yourself with available douching tools to find one that suits you, and review techniques on how to use your chosen tool. You’ll want to make your first experience as comfortable as possible. And, remember, don’t get discouraged if the first time doesn’t go as planned. Everybody is different, and it may take a little practice to get comfortable not only with the system you’ve chosen but the techniques. If you have any medical concerns, be sure to check with a doctor before use.

The bottom line… be safe, gain confidence, and have fun!