Fat Boy Extender

Price: $49.95

Looking for a little extra something to give the partner tonight? The insanely stretchy Fat Boy Extender will do the trick by adding a noticeable girth to your penis and make it feel really huge. It's super easy to get on and off and stays in place by hooking onto your balls with the opening on the bottom, which also gives the most satisfying tug on your balls while stroking or penetration. We’re getting horny just thinking about it!

Don’t have a partner tonight? That doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun! The Fat Boy makes an awesome stroker with its nubs and ribs and soft cushioned feeling on the inside. People tell us it one of the BEST strokers out there. Just pour some of your favorite lube on the inside and you’re off to the races!

The Fat Boy is not too hard like some others on the market. The blend is called Silaskin, which is a perfect mix of Silicone and TPR which gives it an unbelievable stretch factor, which contributes to making this our most popular sex toy!

The Inner dimension is 7.5"which is designed so that an average man has room in the tip. However, this product fits those guys that are packing a unit that is large and in charge. For guys looking for a more snug fit, check out our newest product in the Fat Boy line, the Fat Boy Sport!

Remember, this is not a contraceptive or a substitute for a condom. The Fat Boy Extender is safe with water based lube. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. The Fat Boy Extender comes in Black and White. This product is porous.

Perfect Fit Brand Products are sold, and intended for use strictly as adult novelty toys for entertainment. They are not intended for medical use and have not been clinically tested. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of these products.

This product is not compatible with latex products.

User reviews

We recommend a cornstarch


We recommend a cornstarch powder to refresh your product.

-Customer Service

care and maintenance


I too have both sizes, and even though I have only used water based lube, after I wash them and they dry, they feel very tacky or sticky. Can you please tell me if this is normal? Thanks

The Girth is nice, but i wish


The Girth is nice, but i wish one with even more Gith. A really Monster Sleeve

Pleasing the size queen wife


I bought the fat boy to use on my wife because she prefers much larger and I'm too small to fulfill her desire. This product fits perfect and feels great, it would be useful if you had an option for more thickness.



I love the girth that the FAT BOY EXTENDER gives me


Dear Customer


If a Perfect Fit product breaks please contact us for a free replacement! We have an unconditional replacement warranty (1 year). Thank you for your feedback. - Customer Service



This is awesome! I have both Fat Boys and I can't decide which one I like best.
I can't stop using them.

Hungy Bottom!


I have always been a HUNGRY BOTTOM, but unfortunately I fell in love with an average size guy. Been a size queen, I was starting to get bother of the same cock everyday. Until a friend of mine told me about the FAT BOY EXTENDER, and it was AMAZING! It didn't feel like I was getting fucked by a lesbian using a strap on, It was my lover for real, bigger and thicker!
You made a size queen happier!

Awesome tool


Got the fatboy extender in the clear.
So hot to use this as a masturbater. Clear so I can see my cock slide and and out. Feels amazing.

Almost perfect


I bought the fat boy to use with my wife and she complains that it is a little too thick for her. This product fits great and feels great but if you had an option a little less thick it would be awesome! Thanks

Great product


Love this product. I am hoping that you will soon introduce a Fat Boy II that is thicker than this one. I love that feeling of getting stretched, and would like one that I could let partners who are a little shy on the thickness side use that gives the same feeling as this one does on guys who have normally thick penises.



If you are interested in a smaller Fat Boy Extender, I recommend the "Fat Boy Sport" Model! You can find it here on (perfectfitbrand.com) for $44.95! That's $5 cheaper then the regular Fat Boy Model.

what are the outside dimentions lenght and width please.


hi, whate are the outside length and width of the fat boy stretcht extender??


I bought both the black and


I bought both the black and clear. I used the clear with my wife and it is FAT so it took a while to get it in but she enjoyed it. The black one I used as a stroker and it broke at the tip so its no longer useable.

Suggestions, make one in brown and light tan for men of color. Also add some veins on the outside for female stimulation.

Fat Boy Streachey Extender


I love your Fat Boy Streachey Extender. I love how it fits around the balls and my cock. I also love the thickness and how soft it feels. The only problem I have with it, is that it's not long enough and I can't completely enjoy the feeling of deep anal PENITRATION that my partner and I enjoy. My partner and I only use it to loosen ourselves up, then we have to use another toy that's has the same thickness as your Fat Boy, but it's longer but not as soft as your FAT BOY.

Can you guys PLEASE, PLEASE make a Fat Boy Streachey Extender that is THICK like your current one, or thicker...(: and make longer for those of us who enjoy DEEP anal PENITRATION, being nisely streached open, and being FILLED with something as thick and soft as your FAT BOY STREACHEY EXTENDER. If you decide to develop a product like the one I'm mentioning, please add my email to you customer list becouse I will buy it, and so will all of my friends!!!!!!!

I would love to hear back from you guys!

can i buy the fat boy stretcher here


can i buy the fat boy stretcher here for cheaper than 50$

Fat Boy


This looks like awesome fun, but can we have a "slim boy" for those of us who aren't "average and bigger" - that's about half the market, as I understand "average" :-)

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